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Phil Donnelly

First Degree (Formerly)


Phil Donnelly manages a team of 10 staff in his refrigeration and air-conditioning business, First Degree. The team at BIAS have worked closely with Phil, guiding him in the right direction and showing him the way when going through a difficult time managing a business in survival mode. Having the support of a team who knows his business as well as he did, has allowed Phil to come out on top and continue to work towards reaching his business and financial goals.


Kevin & Val

MF Gordon and Co.


MF Gordon and co owners Kevin and Val have had an extremely positive experience working with BIAS. When going through a difficult time when their business was running in survival mode, the whole team at BIAS provided invaluable support which guided them in the right direction. BIAS has given Kevin and Val the ability to change their mindset and develop proactive strategies which have proven to make a significant impact on their business performance.


John & Joanne

Stainless Engineering


John and Joanne own and operate a growing manufacturing business, Stainless Engineering. Whilst John is an expert in his trade providing an outstanding service to his clients, he lacks the business mindset which is required to see his business excel and reach new levels of success. The team at BIAS have helped John and Joanne effectively manage their rapid growth, providing them with ongoing support, knowledge and assistance to ensure they are on the right track to achieving the growth they desire.





Don DeSanctis

Barber Boys

Don DeSanctis is the successful business owner of Barber Boys, operating nine salons throughout Adelaide and managing a team of 42 staff. Since their establishment in 2004, the business has grown from strength to strength, experiencing rapid growth and expansion. BIAS has provided invaluable support to Don, giving him the ability to develop projections and forecasts that will ensure the business achieves its goals and continues on the road to success.


Lorry DeRuvo

Market Gardener


Lorry DeRuvo owns a market garden business, supplying some of Australia’s largest fast food companies. BIAS has helped Lorry with the ongoing management of multiple areas within his business and have continuously demonstrated their ability to go above and beyond in their services. BIAS has become an integral part of D & R DeRuve & Sons and the team have gone out of their way to ensure his business achieves growth and success.






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Don DeSanctis

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David Johnson

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