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Survival Mode

It is common for businesses in survival mode to find themselves struggling to pay bills and accumulating large debts due to poor cash flow and finance management. Business owners are working long hours with little to no reward and the lack of money coming in to the business may result in the need to provide further funding through their personal finances.








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At BIAS, we effectively service our clients in accordance with their specific business needs. Depending on the mode a business is operating in, the advisory services and strategies they require will greatly differ. We categorise businesses into three main modes of survival, cruise and growth, ensuring we deliver the most valuable service relevant to the exact requirements of your business.


At BIAS in Adelaide, we use our skills and expertise to provide highly effective strategies that will assist small to medium sized enterprises leave survival mode. We provide an affordable solution to all of your needs which will rescue and recover your business. We offer businesses currently operating in survival mode exceptional services. We act as a financial accountability partner, formulating projected budgets, financial forecasts and 30, 60 and 90-day action plans that will turn your cash flow around. The team at BIAS is here to relieve the pressure by positively impacting on your business’ financial situation, so that you can focus on growing the business you are truly passionate about.


A business classified as running in survival mode will possess a wide variety of characteristics. Struggling to pay your bills when due because of issues with poor cash flow and finance management are prevalent. Poor sales and collection of debtors with not enough money coming in to sustain the operations may result in having to provide additional funding through either personal cash injection or acquiring further debt. It is common for business owners who are in survival mode to be working long hours with little reward in their business constantly being consumed by the running of the day to day operations. This takes their focus away from successfully adding value through operating the overall business management, which will ultimately be most beneficial in the long term. Whilst the motivation, passion and desire to succeed is evident the stresses and fear of failure can take its toll!


In our experience servicing clients in this phase, we have found that businesses operating in survival mode face many challenges which significantly affect their overall business performance. They struggle to keep up with the constant demands of all the different requirements involved in running a small business such as sales, marketing, operations, human resources and finance management.


It is no secret that running a business in survival mode can place both a physical and mental strain on the owner and those within the organisation. This is why BIAS is here to provide our clients in Adelaide with a 'bullet-proof' strategy which will allow them to achieve their goals and enjoy prosperity.




Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if my business is in survival mode?


Struggling to pay your bills on time, or not always having the funds to pay wages are the most common signs that your business is in survival mode. Living from week to week or month to month and constantly being under financial pressure are also common traits that a business is in survival mode.






Can my business be salvaged from survival mode?


Absolutely! Our ‘Rescue and Recover’ service will quickly outline the path to rescue your business and positively recover your profit and cash flow to pull your business out of survival mode. There are rare occurrences where a business is beyond being rescued but even in these instances BIAS (Aust) Pty Ltd can salvage a reasonable outcome for the business owners!





How long does it take to get my business out of survival mode?


Depending on the state of affairsour “Rescue & Recover “ service will navigate your business out of Survival Mode as quickly as 90 days but generally it takes between 9 and 18 months depending on the circumstance. Once we pinpoint the issues that are causing your business to be in survival mode, we generally can quickly put in place remedial strategies to turn your business around!







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