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At some stage within a business, it is inevitable that influential figures or leaders will eventually retire, sell or move on to new endeavours. Succession planning is therefore essential for when this happens, as this ensures the business continues to effectively operate despite their absence. Whether the succession planning involves the development of existing staff or recruiting external personnel who are capable of excelling in their position, having an appropriate plan in place is vital.


At BIAS Australia, we understand the importance of succession planning no matter what mode a business is operating in. Whether a business is in survival, cruise or growth mode, all businesses can benefit from succession planning.


Identifying and developing staff will allow you to be prepared for the unexpected departure of key figures within the business and ensure continuity and unhampered long term growth despite their withdrawal from the business. With our experience and expertise in succession planning, we aim to help you prepare for such a transition with a strategy that will promote a smooth flow of operations and continuous growth for the business.

How BIAS helps in Succession Planning


BIAS Australia provides our clients with comprehensive advice and tactics regarding the implementation of succession planning. Our succession planning services takes into account your business’ resources, the existing processes in place, and the specific requirements to be filled in the event of a forthcoming succession. We provide assistance in succession planning including:


Business/Financial Planning

  • Strategic planning
  • Financial and operations performance assessment to ensure financial health during succession planning process
  • Budgeting and forecasting during the succession period, especially for hiring purposes
  • Management Succession Planning
  • Management skills assessment for persons to be succeeded
  • Organizational development and training for prospects for succession within the business
  • Professional search and recruiting for internal and external prospects for succession


With the amount of time, effort, money and resources business owners invest in building a successful business, it is vital to devise a succession plan to ensure the business continues to operate in the most effective way possible. BIAS Australia provides the necessary assistance to your business in ensuring efficiency and continuity in succession planning. We have highly competent advisers with a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure these goals for your business’s succession planning are met in an efficient and effective manner. Be proactive and get in touch with the friendly team at BIAS today and utilize our skills in exceptional succession planning.




At BIAS in Adelaide, it is our mission to deliver straightforward business performance improvement techniques to small and medium sized enterprises in each business mode of survival, cruise and growth. We have used our expertise and industry knowledge to devise our BIAS 5 step proprietary process that is tailored to suit the personalised business needs of each of our clients in Adelaide. Our process has been specifically designed to “bullet-proof” your business and see you achieve prosperity and reach your individual business and financial goals.


Our business model has been effectively proven to add value through increased profit, improved cash flow and increased business value. We work closely with our clients in Adelaide to achieve excellence, simplicity and add value through trust, compassion and understanding. With the help of BIAS, you can sleep easier knowing we will always be there to offer you the support and guidance you need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.


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