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Don DeSanctis

Salon Chain Owner


Don came to BIAS wanting to grow and expand his “ Barber Boys” business. He recognised there was a phenomenon occurring in the barbering industry and wanted to capture that growth. We at BIAS helped Don and his team set plans and strategy development to grow the business from 1-2 shops in 2010 to 9 shops currently. We also have plans in place to open another 5 shops this year. BIAS are currently developing strategies to expand the business into Victoria in 2017 with a further 25 stores to be opened in the next 2 years.






David Johnson

General Manager


Whilst David is a highly motivated and experienced professional running a well-established business, the business owners still wanted some external assistance in providing further direction and management support. BIAS’s ongoing support and guidance provides assurance that the business is on track, and heading in the right direction for the business owners. Looking at all aspects of the business, forward planning and measuring performance BIAS ensures all team members are accountable therefore consolidating profitability and continued growth!






Family Business Owner


MF Gordon & Co was struggling to survive in the competitive building industry for many years. BIAS helped Kevin & Val transform their business. A thorough financial check-up identified most of the problems with the business. We set a path by introducing strategies and plans for technology and automation to improve the quality and efficiency of production. In addition, we understood that adjusting the culture of the shop floor employees and introducing systems and procedures ensured the business's stability and growth.





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