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Acquiring a new business can play an important role in the growth and success of your business. Business acquisition can be a complex process which often requires a specific set of skills and expertise. Many business owners face the challenge of devising an effective and affordable strategy which will allow for new business acquisition. That is why the team at BIAS is here to utilize our experience in business acquisition to help you increase your customer base using a variety of cost effective strategies.


One of the most important factors to consider prior to making a business acquisition is to conduct comprehensive due diligence. Asking yourself questions such as, does the business’ products and services align with that of your own business? How much value can it provide and does that value help in realizing your business’ vision for growth?


Would the business’ owners be amenable to an acquisition by your business? The team at BIAS will help to address these questions so that you can make a smart and strategic decision on business acquisition. We are committed to helping you acquire a business that will best help you achieve the growth that you envisage for your business, as we strongly believe that informed choices make for meaningful growth.

How We Can Help in Business Acquisition


BIAS Australia can provide you with comprehensive advice and a strategic action plan for business acquisition. Our services include the following: 

  • Assistance in searching for business acquisition – BIAS Australia helps you identify the ideal business acquisition targets. We will assist in devising effective business plans, whilst also helping to enhance the buyer/seller relationship.
  • Strategic business acquisition planning - successful acquisitions are those which provide great value to your business even years after the acquisition. We help assess your business acquisition strategy and long-term business objectives. We also help pre-screen the target acquisition population to evaluate market pricing, reducing the risks involved and improving the opportunity for greater returns in the process.
  • Faster acquisition time – while it takes a significant amount of time and money to identify and contact possible sellers, establish credibility, and discuss a prospective sale, our expertise helps reduce the time and costs involved while ensuring the success of these deals for all involved.
  • Improve the probability of success – with our experience and expertise, we have an in-depth understanding of the process involved in a successful business acquisition. This means we know how to attract a new and valuable business acquisition through utilising the best and most effective practices.


Partnering with BIAS Australia for your business acquisition needs, means that you will benefit greatly from sound advice and strategies that will propel your business forward to success. Get in touch with us today and get started on your business acquisition plans.




At BIAS in Adelaide, it is our mission to deliver straightforward business performance improvement techniques to small and medium sized enterprises in each business mode of survival, cruise and growth. We have used our expertise and industry knowledge to devise our BIAS 5 step proprietary process that is tailored to suit the personalised business needs of each of our clients in Adelaide. Our process has been specifically designed to “bullet-proof” your business and see you achieve prosperity and reach your individual business and financial goals.


Our business model has been effectively proven to add value through increased profit, improved cash flow and increased business value. We work closely with our clients in Adelaide to achieve excellence, simplicity and add value through trust, compassion and understanding. With the help of BIAS, you can sleep easier knowing we will always be there to offer you the support and guidance you need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.


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